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Master in Economics - Specialization Area "Public Economics" (PE)

This page provides information about the specialization area "Public Economics" offered by professors of different chairs.


This area focuses on the economic analysis of the role of the state. A special emphasis lies on open-economy problems related to fiscal policy and to various aspects of pulblic policy. Questions of interest refer to government debt and issues of taxation, but also include social policy questions. Topics related to innovation, competition and trade are also addressed and so are education and migration policy issues. In addition, quantitative economics courses complete this area's program.


Students of the specialization area have to take the following courses:

Advanced PE I: Pubic Policy in Open Economies (The New Systems Competition)
Prof. Silke Übelmesser
Quantitative Economics III: Advanced Microeconomics Prof. Oliver Kirchkamp
Fiscal Policy in Open Economies
Prof. Hans-Walter Lorenz

Sheduling information ("Term") is only provided as an orientation and will not be correct in everry case (always check Friedolin).

In addition, students have to choose elective courses of the specialization area and at least one seminar.

A preview of courses offered by the Chair of Public Finance can be found >here<.

(For more information about the Master Program, see >here<. )