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Public Finance Seminar - Public Policy in Open Economies

Content of the seminar

At the national level, government intervention is called for in the presence of market failure. With open borders, governments compete for mobile factors of production (labor, capital). The question is then whether competition at an international level re-introduces the same types of market failures which induced government activity in the first place.

In particular, is there a tendency towards too lax regulation? Do governments engage in a race to the bottom in underproviding (public or private) goods?


24 Jan 2013
Meeting and presentation of topics
30 Jan 2013
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31 Jan 2013
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15 and 26 Apr 2013
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S1. Public Provision of Education

S2. The Bologna Process: Who should Pay for Mobile Students?

S3. Education and Redistribution

S4. Adaptation and Mitigation in Climate Policy

S5. Capital Tax Competition

S6. Income Tax Competition (in Switzerland)

S7. Corporate Law Competition

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18 Apr 2013

SR 305
(CZ-Str. 3)
1.00 pm
1.30 pm
Jonatan Pettersson
S6. Income Tax Competition in Switzerland
Oliver Krojnewski
3.15 pm
Lars Other
S7. Convergence of Corporate Governance
Janek Kaminski
26 Apr 2013

SR 129
(CZ-Str. 3)
10.00 am
Oliver Krojnewski
S3. Education and Redistribution
Lars Other
11.30 am
12.30 pm
Janek Kaminski
S4. Adaption and Mitigation in Climate Policy
Jonatan Pettersson
2.15 pm
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